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Yume Nikki is a surrealistic adventure game by pseudonymous Japanese developer Kikiyama. In the game, players explore the dreams of a hikikomori named Madotsuki, where they encounter a number of surrealistic horror creatures and locations.[1] 


Yume Nikki has brown hair her eyes are usually closed to it is unknown what color they are and has some arms coming out from different parts of her body. She wears a pink sweater, a red skirt, black stockings, and red shoes.


Yume Nikki is a really strange fandom she thinks she's living her life in a dream, she would often share conspiracies with other fandoms this would often creep them out.


  • Lucid Dreaming: Can walk around in a dream world not unlike that of Yume Nikki's.
  • Shape shifting: Can shifting to the many forms of Yume Nikki.
  • Half asleep: Rarely is fully awake or fully asleep.
  • Dream leak: When in a very deep slumber, monsters from her dream world will start appearing around her. And they don't disappear when she wakes up.
  • AWAKED: If for some Reason, when Fully awake(which is EXTEMLY RARE) she will make everyone around her feel awake and make them DEITEMNED. 



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