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We Happy Few is an action-adventure game developed by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It has been released as an early access title in 2016 on Windows only. All versions of the full game were released in 2018.

Played from a first-person perspective, the game combines role-playing, survival, and light roguelike elements. Taking place within the mid-1960s, following an alternative version of World War II, players take control over one of three characters, each of whom seek to complete a personal task while escaping the fictional city of Wellington Wells - a crumbling dystopia on the verge of societal collapse, due to the overuse of a hallucinogenic drug that keeps its inhabitants blissfully unaware about the truth of their world, while leaving them easily manipulated and lacking morals.


We Happy Few seems to take on majority of his appearance from Arthur, the first character you play in the game. He has very dark chocolate brown hair, which is usually kept neat and tidy and burhed back with a few strands of hair out of place. 

WHF also wears the white make-up normally seen in the game, which is mostly all over his face- to similar to that of how a clown would persay? He is also seen wearing a 1960s styled brown suit with a plain black shirt underneath.


It's safe to assume, like in the game, the We Happy Few Fandom takes a basic form of the hallucinogenic drug that is within the game. This causes him to appear very and highly happy... and somewhat dangerous. In this state, he is very friendly to almost all fandoms, however he is still very cautious about said fandoms.

When off this drug, We Happy Few is a bit anxiety-ridden and often remembers certain bits of the war, and he does seem to suffer flashbacks of remembering such horrible events. When like this, he talks very dully and is not as energetic. He becomes depressive and babbles on about strange things. He refers to himself as a "downer". This is the state he is usually in. 


  • Carries drugs: Joy
  • Handy: Can make a lot of useful stuff out of Junk, like a spear form a stick, to fancy suits out of cloth scraps to umbrellas out of old broken bits of one.
  • Drug maker: Can whip up drugs, whether it be Joy, healing balm, Knockout drugs and other drugs from plants, Fungus, and other things.
  • Stealthy: Really good at sneaking around.
  • Brawler: If detected, he can put up one hell of a fight.
  • Iron stomach: Due to the effects of joy he immune to food poisoning. OR maybe just the symptoms...



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