Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Fandom


Mogeko Castle - Sister The Gray Garden - Sister



Basic Information

The young witch Wadanohara has just returned from a journey across the oceans, searching for a clue to her lost memories. Now that she has come home, along with her familiars Memoca, Dolphi and Fukami, Wadanohara must continue her quest while ensuring the safety of the ocean kingdom she hails from. But a mysterious figure from her past has appeared and demands that she leave her ocean home forever. What dark event transpired in Wadanohara's past and what does it portend for her future?



Art by ParadeLiar

His personality is almost identical to the protagonist, being friendly, positive, harmonious, and a little too curious. And due to his naïve nature, he is scarce of knowledge on certain subjects. He can sometimes become cold or creepy when someone talks about highly fragile subjects, such as someone important to him or an effect of the touches of the Red Sea.


In general, WATGBS loves everyone and everything existing in the world; he can't make himself hate something he doesn't know well. So, he mostly tries to be good with everyone around him by respecting them.


Mogeko Castle Fandom - Sister

He seems to respect her a lot, even with all the themes she usually has around her. In any case, he still considers her the best older sister anyone could hope to have.

The Gray Garden Fandom - Sister

She is with who else seems to get better, being that both have come to be recognized by people as prominent games of Deep-sea prisoner. He respects her as well as Mogeko Castle and often helps her or asks for help in respecting the sea he has to protect.


Mogeko Fandom - Best Friend

He has no idea where she comes from or why she has similarities with him and his sisters. Even so, he treats her well and considers her a best friend, and even tries to make her not hate rabbits.


Alice Mare Fandom - Matesprit

At first, they doesn't seem to have a good relationship, but being the typical lively and silent guy, they managed to get along, and with time, they have become matesprits. WATGBS really loves him and would move the whole sea for him. It seems that both their ancestors and dancestors had something in the past.

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