God Tier
  • Witch of Space
  • Land
  • Land of Spikes and Zero-G [LOSAZ]
  • Quirk
  • Capitalizes V's.
  • Chumhandle
  • ceilingWalker
  • Strife Specibus
  • spearkind
  • Fetch Modus
  • Trinket: The more Shiny Trinkets, the more items she has access to.
  • Relations
  • BIT.TRIP - Friend
  • Psychonauts - Friend
  • Starbound - Friend
  • FEZ - Friend
  • Deemo - Friend
  • Journey - Acquaintance
  • Spore - Acquaintance
  • Roleplay
  • littleindiefandoms
  • VVVVVV is one of the main fandoms of littleindiefandoms .

    The VVVVVV Fandom is the personification of the indie game of the same name. In the game, you don't jump, you flip gravity. Due to this, Vee, as she would like to be called, has the same ability but can ALSO jump, but it's her personal gravity.

    "Here! HaVe a Lollipop!"

    VVVVVV, or Vee, has a personality that's a combination of the six crewmembers of the game. She's brave, fun, curious, inventive, caring, and quite the worrier. She's a pretty colorful fandom. Most of the happenings of the blog start on Vee's ship known as the D.S.S Souleye. 

    New Crewmates


    VVVVVV, BIT.TRIP, and Psychonauts.

    Not much is known of how Vee met BIT.TRIP and Psychonauts (and eventually Starbound). All we know is that the three became one heck of a trio. She went on a little meeting spree herself and met Spore and Journey! Unfortunately, due to an M!A, Journey went grimdark and caused Vee to go grimdark too for a short time. So that's pretty much Vee's recent history in a nutshell.

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