Basic Information

Tumblr is a social media network used mainly for microblogging. Users can create their own blogs for any topic they wish, as well as follow other users' blogs.[1]

As a major place of self-expression via lifestyles, themes, and fandoms, Tumblr has acquired a rather... interesting userbase, to say the least. Tumblr is practically a culture in itself developed from blogs and interactions, and many have simply come to embrace this strange part of the internet. But no matter how you see it, when it comes to Tumblr, opinions run wild, everyone is special, and no one is without a fandom.


Fandomstuck Tumblr is genderless and has no race. They have no particularly notable physical features other than their grey skin.

They wear a dark blue suit with white buttons, shoes, and a tie. The suit occasionally appears with the Tumblr logo on one of the lapels.


Despite their ambiguous appearance, Tumblr is an extremely opinionated fandom who expresses their personality through photography, writing, art, and fan blogs. Their website was originally heavily associated with hipster culture, and as such, Tumblr has an appreciation for a more eccentric lifestyle outside of normality. They love discussing topics with others online that would typically be considered at the very least "random" and "weird" in real life.



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