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Basic Information

Behind Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve is one of the more well-known web series about the Slenderman mythos.



default outfit

Tribe stands at 6' and 3/4" and is pretty thin. He has long dark hair that flows to his face and dark brown eyes. He's scarily pale (some joking that he's never seen the sun) and has scars up and down his arms and legs.



For clothing he normally wears an oversized t-shirt (anything is oversized on him, really), but he occasionally wears a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up. He always wears dark-ish jeans and a gold necklace, sometimes with goggles it just depends if op forgets to draw them...

Whenever he's in pajamas, he wears a beige striped long-sleeved shirt with black socks.

His collective form takes many appearances,but it is most often seen with X's of sorts over the eyes and realistic teeth. In this form colors are limited to black and white (or dark gray).


Anxious and tired, TribeTwelve isn't likely to start conversations with anybody he doesn't know already. He will gladly talk to anybody that introduces themself, though. No matter how many people declare themselves his friend, he's sure that he has none




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  • He goes by Tribe for short
  • TribeTwelve has an irrational fear of stairs (it's rational in a series context)
  • The goggles he wears are the same ones a character in-series named Kat wears
  • The gold necklace was added because of the pre-existing Marble Hornet Fandom's design having one
  • Tribe has absolutely no sense of direction. It's almost as if he's drawn to any way that he shouldn't go