Basic Information

This is the fandom for director Tim Burton and all of his associated works.


Tim Burton Fandom is a mix of the most popular Tim Burton characters. He has black hair that's always messy and grey skin that's stitched up in random places. He wears a pair of blue-tinted glasses and only has one eye, the other an open socket.

He wears a black long sleeve shirt with a small Jack Skellington face on it, a blue tie with red patches, and black and white pinstripe pants. He also wears a pair of black glasses and has his black and white sandworm with him at all times, which he affectionately refers to as Barbara.


Your name is TIM BURTON FANDOM, and you are quite strange. You perceive reality in a very vivid and creative way. You are an avid scientist and are very inquisitive, and especially enjoy MAD SCIENCE. You have quite a fascination with the UNDEAD AND ABNORMAL, even though you are undead already. You enjoy creating WAX COPIES of other fandoms (and you prefer they never find out about them). You love the holidays, especially CHRISTMAS and HALLOWEEN. Many people know and adore you for your kindness and creativity, but you have had your TERRIFYING MOMENTS.

(Most of this information is from bellmandi86 on tumblr)



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