Basic Information

The Wings of Fire fandom is a fandom based on the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland. The series is about 7 dragon tribes locked in a war over the throne of the Sandwing tribe, which is a species that lives in the desert. As mentioned before there are about 7 species of dragon, and the first series (books 1-5) had five main characters, "The Dragonets of Destiny."


The Wings of Fire fandom is a female, since the majority of main characters in her book series are female. She has physical traits from every species in the books, though some features were modified. For instance, her brown scales are not real dragon scales, but armor. She has firebreath, but if she ever used it, she'd burn and end up dead.


She has a personality similar to each of the five Dragonets of Destiny; she prefers to talk it out before fighting, but will eagerly fight in a battle if things go awry, and she cares deeply for those around her while being somewhat inconsiderate to those who annoy her.




Warriors Fandom - Sister

Her author, Tui T. Sutherland also wrote some of the Warriors series.


How to Train your Dragon Fandom

She looks up to HTTYD because of their shared love for dragons.