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The fandom is referred to as SnK (Shingeki no Kyojin) on other manga/anime pages and AoT (Attack on Titan) on all other pages.

Basic Information

Attack on Titan is an anime and manga series created by Hajime Isayama[1] about the story of a society that lives behind massive walls in fear of the monstrous titans who prey solely on humans. In an attempt to protect their people, a Scout Regiment is formed of those strong enough to travel beyond the walls and start uncovering the truth about the titans... even if it means losing lives in the process.[2]

The fandom has been deeply invested in the story over the years, and very attached to all the likable characters. But due to the many sad events in the series, they have found dark humor to be a good coping method for their feels.



Attack titan

Normal and Titan forms.

His outfit is identical to the uniform of the series' Scout Regiment - a brown jacket over a white shirt, grey pants with brown boots, a green cape with the Wings of Freedom symbol, and 3D maneuver gear.

In terms of smaller details, the SnK fandom's attire and features reference several individual characters from the series as well. These include the hairstyle of Jean,[3] Mikasa's scarf,[4] and Levi's cravat.[5] He also sports the dark-lined eyes that are common among the cast. He has lots of freckles, similar to Marco and Ymir.[6][7]

Titan Form

When SnK enters their titan form, he transforms into a titan similar to that of Eren's but with darker skin and even brighter green eyes.[8] In this form, he has the same abilities as the other titan shifters in the series.


The SnK Fandom enjoys cosplay, gore, and anime in general, because he finds all anime to be awesome.

He has a general fascination with anything that you can almost have, but can't fully achieve. He knows that humanity is "cattle" and believes he has to free it. He is easily offended by anyone who says he can't do something.

SnK tends make careless mistakes, and can become distracted very easily. He is oblivious to his tendency to become lost in thought, however, as he is still hardworking and strives to make up for his weaknesses. He claims to be a neat freak, but does not seem to know the actual definition of this term, as he is rarely ever tidy.

He makes efforts to be friendly towards others, but always appears angry, which drives some of the fandoms away. This is even more noticeable if he has just experienced something upsetting, and it becomes difficult to read his emotions. SnK is also secretly vain. He likes to think he's badass because of his titan killing skills and becomes upset at even the slightest bit of criticism, though he usually keeps it to himself.



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Warriors Fandom

Death Note Fandom

Free! Fandom

SnK and Free were once moirails, but despite breaking up, they are still close friends.

Alice in Wonderland Fandom

Hollywood Undead Fandom

SnK likes to vent about his problems with Hollywood Undead, mostly just to get a confused reaction out of him. However, the two are good friends and SnK in particular really appreciates Hollywood Undead's company.[9]

Assassin's Creed Fandom

SnK shares so many similarities in his series with Assassin's Creed that crossovers were inevitable. Both have a story that takes place in an older time period, with characters that are trained to kill their enemies by taking advantage of their surroundings.


The Walking Dead Fandom - Moirail

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Homestuck Fandom

He tends to get along with the Homestuck Fandom through their common everybody dies thing. However, it would annoy him when Homestuck constantly wanted to talk about it.[10] Unlike the characters in Homestuck, SnK's characters cannot come back to life, and he'd rather not have to remember such tragedies.



  • Is it not wise to mention the character Marco Bodt around him, or so much as the name Marco. It will result in the fandom experiencing a moderate to severe case of feels.
  • The fandom constantly debates the names of their characters, and even themselves. Due to there being a large portion of the fandom that follows the English version instead of the Japanese version (and vice versa), most of their characters are known by at least two different names: one in English and one in Japanese. In addition to the characters, the name of the series, "Shingeki no Kyojin", is also known as "Attack on Titan", which they find to be confusing at times. (See Basic Information to know how the fandom will be labeled on other pages)