This page is dedicated to two major Fandomstuck Sherlock blogs.

Note: each of the muses are thought to live in a separate timeline.


"You are the BBC SHERLOCK FANDOM, but most call you SHERLOCK for short. Your show has been going on for 3 YEARS now, but the books are over 100 YEARS OLD. You were born when your show started on JULY 25, 2010, but you appear to be in your EARLY TO MID TWENTIES. You are PANSEXUAL, and you can be VERY ROMANTIC due to the amount of SHIPPING in your show. You used to SMOKE, but you switched to nicotine

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ask-sherlock-fandomstuck's muse

patches, and then STOPPED. However, your problem with COCAINE still lingers. You aren’t nearly as good at DEDUCTIONS as the real Sherlock, but you AREN’T TOO BAD at them either. You sometimes act rather CHILDISH, especially when interested by something. You are triggered by HEIGHTS, and in certain situations, DEATH. Your show has been on hiatus for OVER A YEAR now, and you are excruciatingly bored. WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? ==>" (From the About section of ask-sherlock-fandomstuck) This muse is a Rogue of Mind and a Derse Dreamer, and their land is LAND of LOGIC and MYSTERY.



fandombound-sherlock's muse

"You are the BBC SHERLOCK FANDOM, also known as SHERLOCK, and you’re a HIGH FUNCTIONING SOCIOPATH. (You’re not actually a sociopath and you’re doing your best to get yourself to STOP SAYING THAT.) A few of your god-forsaken various interests include GIF’ING THINGS, OUTSMARTING PEOPLE, and PLAYING VIOLIN. Oh, and then there’s the whole WAITING FOR SEASON 3 thing. Fuck. You don’t remember how long you’ve been waiting. Oh wait, it would be about 1 YEAR, 5 MONTHS, AND 17 DAYS. Or 76 weeks. Or 534 days. Or 12,816 hours. Or 768,961 minutes. Or 46,137,661 seconds. But it’s not like you’re counting or anything." (From the About section of fandombound-sherlock)


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