Basic Information

The Reaper Fandom is a personification from aliceofcecil and Somneri's RPG game, Reaper. The game's story follows a young girl trying to rescue her little sister from death, becoming the reaper as she confronts Death.


She's a young girl, standing at a height of around 1.70 cm. Her hair is boysenberry-colored with one blue lock of hair in her bangs.

She wears an orange dress, short sky-blue leggings and gray shoes.


She's very calm despite getting sick often. Also, she worries a lot about her friends, going to extreme points to save them.

Though she has the title of "The Reaper", she doesn't want the responsibility of collecting people's souls, as this makes her feel guilty. Reaper only uses her scythe to defend herself in a fight, but if she kills a person with this scythe, she takes their soul.


  • Her ancestor was "The Morta", a woman that could be seen or touched by very few. Her job was to lead the souls of the persons about to die to their next life. She could also decide the very death of a person.
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