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Basic Infomation

A girl named Madoka is offered a wish in return for a committment to battle witches.


Madoka has pink hair with curls that put as ponytails, she also wears a thin red ribbon. She wears the series uniform with stockings to demonstrate about her series. Madoka also has red nails and has a ring in her right middle finger.


She likes the company of other fandoms but enjoys her privacy much more she also attends to keep many secrets from other fandoms... 



Megaman Fandom

DanganRonpa Fandom

Love Live Fandom

Hetalia Fandom

Hetalia is like a counseling friend who supports Madoka to get herself motivated and talks about deep stuff.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom 


Homestuck Fandom - Crush

Despite that Homestuck has relations with Adventure Time, she has a crush on him because she isn't aware that Homestuck (most likely) has a red girlfriend. Homestuck is friendly with Madoka and is considers her a great friend of his.

Re:Zero Fandom - Kismesis

Re:Zero fandom and her are constantly fighting, and when both of them go into god tier mode,

things get bad, very very bad...... re:zero fandom was even once thrown into a derse jail by puella magi madoka magica fandom.