Basic Information

Portal is a series of first-person puzzle-platform video games developed by Valve Corporation.


The Portal Fandom is about 5'1/2" with dark silver hair. Her left eye is blue and her right eye is orange.


The Portal Fandom enjoys science, testing, aperture laboratories and inventions. She has mixed feelings about puzzles, but is very good at them. She has a fascination with the outdoors and the wheat field.

She appears weak to other fandoms, but is capable of beating anyone if she puts her mind to it. She is tough even without her portal gun. Additionally, her tenacity level is high.

Portal easily becomes attached to people because of the abandonment issues she has faced.



Fallout Fandom


Legend of Zelda Fandom - Matesprit

Half-Life Fandom - Kismesis


Portal Fa

Portal when she became human


  • Her personality ranges between Wheatley and Chell and also GLaD0s when she goes grimdark.
  • She also has a hard time trusting some AI’s due to the problems with GLaD0s and Wheatley. 
  • She has a crush on Wheatley and his voice actor, Stephen Merchant.