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Petscop is a video game series posted on the YouTube channel Petscop. The channel has 10 videos featuring the gameplay by "Paul" (the YouTuber's assumed name).

Petscop was developed by a fake company called Garalina in 1997 for the PlayStation 1. The game is currently unfinished and is shrouded in mystery and speculation.[1]



The Petscop Fandom has nearly identical physical features to the player character of the series, with yellowish-green skin, white eyes, and extremely large feet which are always barefoot. The only difference between them is that they have a nose instead of a duck bill.[2] They also have Pen's wire-like arms and hands.

Petscop wears a green shirt and brown pants. They have Amber's hat on their head, which is crooked to their left with a small version of Randice on the right side of the hat. Around their waist is a belt which holds a smaller, green version of Tool. They use Tool to talk, similar to how Michael Hammond presumably talks through Tool. Around their left leg, Roneth's thorn-like body wraps up to their lower thigh.



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The fandom's grimdark version has the same design of the normal version of the fandom, but only from the neck down. Their head becomes that of the 'girl' in the reflection in the Quitters Room. When they talk, it is only in the 'keyboard language' mentioned earlier in Petscop 11.


The fandom is very curious, and are fascinated by their game's mysterious elements. They are also a bit possessive, due to the game being about catching pets and children.

When they speak through Tool, the speech/text is written sloppily, almost like a child. But at times when they can't use Tool, they use the 'keyboard language' at the end of Petscop 11.

When they hear the words "quitter" or "quit", they go dead silent and will not talk or text for a while.


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