The Nintendo Fandom is a regular from Fandomsarchive.

Basic Information

Nintendo is one of the world's largest video game companies.

The fandom consists of both regular fans and people who work for the company itself as they can also be big fans of Nintendo franchises.[1] 


The Nintendo Fandom has medium brown hair, red eyes, and pale skin. She is thin and a little short.

She wears a pink princess peach shirt with blue pants and a Mario hat (originally with the letter "M" design and later with the Nintendo logo).


Nintendo's history other than starting out as a playing card company is that she is the main supervisor of Nintendo's franchises. She likes to meet fandoms to see about her games.

She also can act like a total snob if someone makes her angry. She usually acts this way around her rival, SEGA, who's been in competition with her since the 90s.



Every game she has ever produced is a fandom and one of her kids.

Mario Fandom

Legend of Zelda Fandom

Pokemon Fandom 

Animal Crossing Fandom

Fire Emblem Fandom

Splatoon Fandom

Golden Sun Fandom

Dragalia Lost Fandom

Super Smash Bros Fandom

Kirby Fandom


Universal Fandom

Nintendo and Universal are partnering up together to add a Nintendo themed land to Universal's park.


SEGA Fandom - Kismesis

These two have been rivals for decades, and Nintendo never ceases to brag about her success to SEGA, claiming she is the superior fandom.



  • Nintendo is really protective with her properites that come within success
  • She is proficent in HTML coding