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Basic Information

Night in the Woods (NITW) is a single player story game made by Infinity Fall and was published by Finiji. The game is about a college dropout, named Mae, who comes back to her hometown of Possum Springs.

The game gets progressively darker and more complicated as it goes on.


The NITW Fandom has shoulder length hair that fades into a red-magenta as it goes down, referencing how the story gets darker later on. She also has 2 cat ears that seem to merge with her hair, but they actually do not merge. She has red eyes, like the main protagonist Mea, as well as blue lips, like Bea the Gothic crocodile. Her wardrobe consists of a black jacket, that Greg the fox wears and a dirty olive green shirt with Mea's symbol on it. She also wears black jeans and black sneakers.


The NITW Fandom is the relatively calm type, but often speaks with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

She gets easily excited when new things happen and is very adventurous when it comes to new and dangerous places. When she gets drunk, she gets into an emotional state similar to Mae.



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