Basic Information

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game in which players can create virtually anything in a world of 3D blocks. The game provides a wide variety of materials to discover and build with.

I mean who doesn't know about Minecraft? A total noob, that's who. Haha.


Fandomstuck Minecraft is heavily based off of the playable character in the game, Steve. They wear a light blue shirt, occasionally with a creeper face design, and blue jeans. Their hair is brown and kinda messy from all the crafting they've been working on... very little time to worry about appearances unless it has to do with skins and armor.

They also carry around their trusty pickaxe, along with other important materials (TNT!!!1!)


Minecraft is around the age of a teenager but certainly doesn't act like one. They'll always be a kid at heart, creating the most outrageous structures and contraptions. Despite their childlike nature, however, Minecraft is surprisingly devoted to learning all the complicated mechanics of the game... even though they are unfortunately prone to the ever famous "rage quit." Hardcore gaming is definitely not one of their strong areas.

They are capable of acting mature at times, of course. Let's Play videos are a hobby which Minecraft invests plenty of time and care into creating and then watching. Over time they have grown more capable of appreciating more advanced creations as though they were works of art, and the stories that can be told through the game.


  • Creative mode: In this state, MC has the ability to fly and create tools and items out of thin air. He has access to every block and item in the game.
  • His grimdark mode makes his appearance a little... darker, no seriously the colors are dimmer and more desaturated, he also sports a completely black pickaxe that can destroy anything in one swipe, MC's eyes turn all white similar to Herobrine's and he leaves redstone torches in 2 by 2 hallways in his worlds, there may also be signs with words like "null" or "better together" or some other creepy thing

Abilities outside of both:

  • Superhuman Endurance: Can run for a really long time
  • Iron stomach: Capable of eating rotten flesh and raw meats.
  • knowagle of Survival: Knows how to survive in ANY evoerment with NO resources.
  • Handy: Can make a ton of stuff, form axes to iron ingot straight form the ore.
  • Brewer: Makes potions pretty easily.
  • Large lungs: Can hold his breath underwater for quite a long time.
  • Smith:Makes Really good armor,weapons, and other things.


Minecraft is known to form strange relationships with other fandoms.


Roblox Fandom

Minecraft often teases Roblox for looking like LEGOs, and their relationship mostly consists of them calling each other "noob" when they play their games. But despite this unusual show of affection, Minecraft may have feelings for Roblox in terms of a moirallegiance.

Sims Fandom

My Little Pony Fandom

Minecraft particularly likes creating My Little Pony figures out of his blocks, which the MLP Fandom finds endearing.

Pokemon Fandom

Minecraft began making his own games inspired by Pokemon, which made Pokemon develop mixed feelings of whether or not to be annoyed by him. Minecraft thinks that's enough to be friends. And he was right, since Pokemon eventually warmed up to his interpretation of the games.

Undertale Fandom

Toontown Fandom

Team Fortress 2 Fandom


  • MC's favorite animal is a parrot or llama
  • Spiurply he can not punch down trees.