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Basic Information

Originally released in 1986,[1] The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's flagship titles[2] and has gained a massive gaming fanbase.

Each game details the adventures of the silent protagonist, Link, in his many incarnations, as he overcomes trials and usually ends up saving princess Zelda.[3]


The Legend of Zelda fandom has light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

He wears a dark green tunic with a Navi design on the front, a white undershirt, light brown pants, dark brown boots, gloves, and a green hat similar to Link's.


Fandomstuck Legend of Zelda is often depicted as being similar to Link, but more grumpy. His games sometimes feel tedious, but for the most part, he really does enjoy them, especially Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and Breath of the Wild.

He will freak out if someone mistakes Link's name for "Zelda" or vice versa.



Nintendo Fandom - Mother

Mario Fandom - Sister

Pokemon Fandom - Brother

Animal Crossing Fandom - Brother

Splatoon Fandom - Sister

Fire Emblem Fandom - Sister

Golden Sun Fandom - Brother

Dragalia Lost Fandom - Sister

Super Smash Bros Fandom - Brother

Kirby Fandom - Sibling


Adventure Time Fandom

Creepypasta Fandom

Eddsworld Fandom

EDM Fandom

Legend of Zelda's games have soundtracks that he thought would make for great EDM remixes. He made a lot of them with the help of EDM Fandom.


Portal Fandom - Matesprit

Tomb Raider Fandom - Rival (possible kismesis)