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Basic Information

The Keeper of the Lost Cities is a series by Shannon Messenger and published by Aladdin. The series currently has seven books.[1]


The Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom has pale skin and dirty blonde, somewhat messy, straight hair. She is quite tall, standing at 6'5".

She wears a green cloak with gold lining and a simple gold clasp. Instead of wearing the normal elfin clothes, she wears human clothes, mainly to help her blend in with human world and because she grew up wearing them. These clothes consist of a plain black t-shirt with gray swan on it (symbolizes the Black Swan), along with blue jeans. As for shoes, she'll wear cream colored ballet flats or teal converse, depending on her mood.


The Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom loves magic, elephants, and finding out new ways to use her powers (Powers listed in trivia). She enjoys finding out all she can about anything and everything, making her a bit of a brainiac.

She'll do anything to accomplish her goals, but doesn't want to get her friends involved. She is very protective of her friends, so for fear that they might get hurt, so she tends to them by herself. This makes her appear mysterious to others.

She is usually upbeat and happy. However, she tends to hide her feelings of negativity, only to have them all let out when she absolutely cannot hold them in anymore, resulting in a breakdown. She has a lot of self doubt, and can be shy when meeting new people, which contributes to her breakdowns. She also tends to get lost in thought sometimes. When this happens, calling her name a few times to snap her out of it.


She tends to be unknown with most of the fandoms, which makes her a little annoyed. But she's learned to cope. Sort of like a "Canada", according to Hetalia.