Intermission Fandom is a regular from Fandomsarchive.

Basic Information

This is a fandom for the Intermission in Homestuck.


Intermission has green eyes and dark hair. He likes to wear a black hat, a green long sleeve collared shirt, a black vest with red buttons, a red tie, black pants, and black shoes. He also has a robotic arm.




Andrew Hussie - Father

Problem Sleuth Fandom - Older brother

Homestuck Fandom - Older brother

Hiveswap Fandom - Little sister

Undertale Fandom - Cousin


Problem Sleuth Fandom - Matesprit

Intermission and Voca being cuties revised

Vocaloid Fandom and Intermission Fandom Fanart. (

Although he and Problem Sleuth are related, they ended up as matesprits. As far as his knowledge goes, he does not understand the "charms" from Homestuck fully, nor does he care about other quadrants.

Vocaloid Fandom (Fandomsarchive) - ???

Intermission and Vocaloid had started feeling something towards each other, nothing pale or red, but in between. Possible leaning towards romance, but this does not count as a quadrant to them. They have an unspecified relationship.