God Tier None
Land None
Quirk types without capitalizing anything unless he feels like it

starting text on a new line is what he does instead of like ending sentences normally or w/e///////// capitalizes things for EMPHASIS sometimes and t eN DS TO TYPE ERRATICA ll Y WHEn EXc I TED

Chumhandle cosmicGrenouille
Strife Specibus hammerKind
Fetch Modus Orbit
Relations Undertaker Riddle - Moirail/Platonic Husband
Roleplay Tumblr Fandomstuck community

Homestuck, or less known by his original name, Leonardo Spencer, is one of the myriad of different Homestuck Fandoms-- though, unlike most, he is not in a SBURB session. His Trollian handle is cosmicGrenouille, which translates directly to cosmicFrog. This relates to not only his comic, but his fascination with the cosmos and, to nobody's surprise, frogs.

Homestuck types like most of tumblr's users, often refraining from using capitalization and ignoring the fact that punctuation actually exists. Although, despite this, he has been seen using slashes, exclamation points, and question marks-- often in pairs of two or five. If he ever uses smilies, then they're faces such as "ouo" or ":]", and if he gets bored, he will use kaomojis.

Despite being a troll, Homestuck's original name suggests that he may have been a human before he woke up with a near-total memory wipe on April 13th, 2009. Notice how his name does not stick to the six letter pattern used on Alternia and Beforus. To further support this, he has a bit of dysphoria going on with his being a troll, and is envious of anyone who at least appears human.


Personality and Traits