The Homestuck Fandom is a character from the Fandomsarchive roleplay. This wiki page represents the character from said roleplay. This is not the page for any other version of the Homestuck Fandom. Do not change this page to make it so.


He is a lime-blooded troll, with black hair, grey skin, horns, bright orange eyes (and grey irises with a green tint), and troll genitalia (hermaphrodite). His original hair color was white, but due to the characters within the webcomic being shown mostly with black hair, especially trolls, his is now naturally black. His regular attire is a black t-shirt with the SBURB beta logo, jeans, and sneakers.

According to some fans, he is also known to be a half-troll, with horns, teeth, eyes, a "bulge", and hair like that of a troll, but the skin of a human. He uses makeup to complete the look of a troll. This secondary look varies depending on the interpretation the fan. Rumors around Tumblr suggest that he was a full human prior to the introduction of the trolls.


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At the beginning of the roleplay, Homestuck had his pale and black quadrants filled: the former being filled by the Hetalia Fandom, and the latter occupied by the Supernatural Fandom.

Some time into the roleplay, he started a matespritship with the Doctor Who Fandom. However, this relationship ended when the Doctor left with no indication of where he was going, why he was going, or when he would return, and no one saw him for eight months (he was later found dead).

During this time, Hetalia was comforting his moirail and their relationship slipped into a flushed-moirailligence. Homestuck later proposed, and Hetalia said "yes."

Supernatural had also left at this point (this was more recently, and he was gone for only two months). It is uncertain as to what will happen to their relationship, but is believed to still be blackrom.

In terms of family, he is the younger brother of the Problem Sleuth Fandom, and the older brother of the Intermission Fandom. His cousin is the Undertale Fandom.