Basic Information

Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie about an adventure that begins with four quirky teenagers from Earth who play a game called Sburb and unwittingly cause an apocalypse that destroys their world, essentially trapping them within the game. They eventually learn that they have to team up with 12 alien trolls from the planet Alternia. The trolls had played the game before and ended up creating the kids' universe. They must work together in order to escape from their doomed game session, which is a danger to both the kids and trolls. Despite their cultural differences, the kids and trolls make efforts to understand each other; they have to spend a lot of time together in order to win the game again. Their ultimate goal is to reset the game they are trapped in and create a new universe with alternate versions of themselves which they can all live in, all while fighting off supposedly invincible evil forces and getting into outrageous shenanigans that can only be understood by those who read the story that is Homestuck.

Starting on April 13th, 2009 and officially ending on April 13th, 2016, Homestuck has gained millions of fans worldwide, a majority of whom are known for the cosplay, art, and writings featuring the webcomic's characters, as well as critical thinking skills when it comes to Homestuck's complex plot, and a brilliantly diverse sense of humor which all fans share. Some label the fandom as crazy. The Homestuck fandom agrees with them 413%.


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Homestuck wearing a headband with troll horns.

The most commonly accepted appearance of the Homestuck Fandom is an Alternian troll with grey skin, short, messy, black hair, yellow eyes with dark irises, and two identical horns protrude upwards from his head and curve slightly inward. The fandom is often depicted wearing a dark shirt (which is either short or long-sleeved) with the green Homestuck logo on the front, long grey sweatpants or jeans, and green shoes.

Some fans believe the fandom is really a human cosplaying as a troll, which would fit the real life actions of the fandom well. When Homestuck is drawn cosplaying a troll, he usually appears with smudged grey face paint and wears a headband with troll horns rather than possessing natural horns.

In his Trickster appearance, Homestuck has rainbow hair that begins with purple, then red, orange, yellow, green, and blue around his head. His pupils become white and the general color of his eyes are rainbow, similar to his hair. His skin becomes as white as the canon appearances as the kids in his webcomic. He also sports a white t-shirt with the Homestuck logo but differently colored, he wears purple pants with colorful scribbles (mostly circles) on them, which are baggier and show his ankles. Homestuck in Trickster mode seems to not wear socks but does wear white shoes with blue bottoms.


They love to be comedic in creative and ironic ways. Homestuck is a comedy, after all. Inspired by the webcomic they have invested months of their lives in, Homestuck has created countless parodies, comics, memes, and fansongs. They are capable of finding humor in even the most obscure references and every part of their story... even the darker ones.

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The stranger side of Homestuck

Although they are a rather chaotic fandom, Homestuck also has a lot of artistic skills and uses their lack of discipline to their advantage. They have created millions of pieces of fanart, animations, fanfictions, music, and cosplay, with more being created every day, and they will likely continue to do so for many years to come.

Homestuck tends to be a little confused by new things, but once they are given enough information to piece together, they are capable of understanding very complicated ideas. They love when seemingly random things start coming together and making sense, and this sparks their passion for making theories. Be it about the creation of a universe, a character's existence, a location, or an object you completely forgot about on one page you don't even remember reading, there's probably a theory about it. Although the making of theories slowed down after Homestuck ended, they most certainly haven't stopped, as this fandom still has plenty of questions as to what happens after the events of Act 7.

Homestuck isn't the most easygoing fandom, and one thing they can't stand at all is ridicule against their webcomic or fellow fans without good reason. Things that may set off their bad temper are saying that Homestuck is boring after only reading the 1st act, insulting characters, or giving others grief simply for liking the webcomic.

And don't even get started with the hiatuses or the infamous Gigapause. Boredom makes you do strange and horrible things.[1]


God Tier powers:

  • Flight
  • Immortality - If killed, Homestuck becomes resurrected
  • Alteration of size and velocity of physical things[2]


  • Grimdarkness - A transformation involving dark magic that is out of control.[3]
  • Trickster Mode - Often considered a Fandomstuck AU. Trickster Mode is an unpredictable powerup that causes Homestuck to become disturbingly cheerful and have access to powers that alter reality in a surreal manner.[4]



Andrew Hussie- Father

Homestuck sees Hussie as a role model, even though they constantly joke about him. Anything Hussie does both confuses and amazes Homestuck. They actually know very little about him as a person other than his unique sense of humor and easily recognizable lips.

Problem Sleuth Fandom - Brother

Intermission Fandom - Brother

Undertale Fandom - Cousin

A while ago, Homestuck's uncle, Toby Fox, had a child named Undertale. They both have several things in common. For example, they both like the song, "Megalovania."

Deltarune Fandom - Cousin

Hiveswap Fandom - Sister

Homestuck has a close relationship with Hiveswap. The fandom supported Hiveswap ever since her game was first announced and always tries to be a good brother for her. Homestuck always tries to convince her to play pranks on other fandoms and the two of them have many inside jokes.


Ava's Demon Fandom

Homestuck's webcomic shares many similarities with that of Ava's Demon. Homestuck really likes and is impressed by her art.

OFF Fandom 

DanganRonpa Fandom

Steven Universe Fandom

Pegasister Fandom

Les Miserables Fandom

Invader Zim Fandom

As Homestuck's comic gained popularity, the Invader Zim fandom took a liking to it and began to make friends with them.


Adventure Time Fandom - Matesprit

With Violence

These fandoms have had a bit of an on and off relationship. They first met when Homestuck begin to rise in popularity. Because the staff of Adventure Time loves Homestuck, they put the references the webcomic in their show, much to Homestuck's delight and appreciation. Plus, since Homestuck and Adventure Time both take place in fantasy settings and cannot live without the thrill of adventure, they get along very well. Homestuck loves that the Adventure Time Fandom is always willing to listen to his adventure stories.[5]

Hetalia Fandom - Moirail

Tumblr mhtj8stBuW1rtrjmyo1 500

When they first met, Homestuck and Hetalia hated each other. But when Hetalia began showing sympathy and consoling Homestuck during his ongoing webcomic hiatuses, he saw the beginning of a moirallegiance. Since then, Homestuck has always counted on Hetalia to be there by his side, like when he was waiting for an update for 40 days and started "going crazy."

Supernatural Fandom - Kismesis

Tumblr inline mhtkvlILPe1qz4rgp

At first, Supernatural thought Homestuck was a demon, and Homestuck is very offended by this. Combined with the fact that Supernatural has tried numerous times to trap and/or throw salt at them, it isn't hard to guess that these two don't get along well. Homestuck's attempts to explain that they are not a demon have proven rather ineffective, as Supernatural always has doubts. Homestuck may have come to enjoy their fights over the years, however.

Doctor Who Fandom - Auspistice (Homestuck/Supernatural)

Homestuck listens to Doctor Who as an auspistice more than they did with Sherlock. It is likely because they have more in common with each other, with both series having lots of fantasy elements and time travel. Homestuck generally feels understood by Doctor Who.


Sherlock Fandom

Homestuck met Sherlock through Doctor Who and Supernatural. They are not exceptionally close friends, but have some respect for each other since they are both fandoms of the "Big 5." Most of their interactions take place when they are with their mutual friends.

Sherlock once acted as an auspitice between Homestuck and Supernatural, but Homestuck rarely ever took Sherlock's advice.

Attack on Titan Fandom

Homestuck gets along with Attack on Titan because they both share the pain of having characters constantly being killed off. He would often pester AOT to have a feelings jam with him, but this made Hetalia jealous.[6]


  • Homestuck's theme song is How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty
  • Homestuck has a very large vocabulary consisting of everything from computer programming language to alien insults. Their favorite words often begin with the letter A, for example: aggress, aggrieve, abjure, and abscond.[7]
  • Homestuck is both a Derse and Prospit dreamer.
  • He has many possessions that correspond with either the kids, trolls, or cherubs from his webcomic. One such example is his chest where he keeps the juju lollipop that enables his Trickster Mode.
  • He has a red and green chess set that he never uses underneath his bed
  • Uses his bed for napping and his recuperacoon for sleeping
  • Has posters of movies that some of the kids like
  • Has a giant sweet tooth