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Hiveswap is a video game developed by What Pumpkin set in the Homestuck universe but with a different storyline and characters. Fans of Homestuck became incredibly hyped upon hearing the news about Hiveswap's release,[1] creating a new fandom in itself.


Hiveswap is a short and somewhat chubby bronze-blooded troll. They have short, messy, black hair and horns nearly identical to those of the Homestuck Fandom's in terms of shape but with small ridges in them, similar to the texture of a ram's horns. Their eyes are yellow with black irises and they wear a pair of rectangular glasses.

The Hiveswap Fandom normally wears a black t-shirt with the orange What Pumpkin logo under a grey hoodie with orange strings. Their skirt is plaid in the colors brown and white, and they wear a pair of dark grey shoes.


Hiveswap's personality is similar to that of Homestuck's, since the majority of Hiveswap players were originally Homestuck fans. Therefore, they share many of the same interests and traits. However, Hiveswap has started to form their own unique personality. For example, they have taken a liking to the YouTuber jacksepticeye since he started playing their game and making it popular.[2]



Andrew Hussie- Father

Homestuck Fandom - Brother

Hiveswap loves Homestuck and is grateful towards him for helping her gain a big fandom. She often feels as though she has to impress him.

Problem Sleuth Fandom - Brother

Intermission Fandom - Brother

Undertale Fandom - Cousin

Deltarune Fandom - Cousin


Jacksepticeye Fandom


  • Unlike Homestuck, Hiveswap did have a fanbase even before the actual game came out, most of it consisting of Homestuck veterans.
  • They love the stars and dancing like Joey
  • They wear short shorts under that skirt of theirs



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