Note: Some information for this fandom is taken from the Fandomsarchive roleplay. Much info is also unsourced due to coming directly from Fandomstuck Wiki user headcanons.

Basic Information

Hetalia is a Japnese webcomic, anime, and manga series originally created by Hidekaz Himaruya about the humanization and personifications of countries (if every country were represented as a person). Each country's personality is based off of both positive and negative stereotypes, and the story that follows their real life history with other countries is utilized as a comedic attribute.

Hetalia has a particularly large fandom. The character has many sides to his personality that come from all over the world, because in a sense, Hetalia is the world. He strongly reflects characters from the show and people in the fandom.


Hetalia has dark greenish-brown eyes, and fluffy light brown hair, with a long curl on the right side of his head that acts as an erogenous zone (in accordance with Italy, the poster character of the series). He is a bit pale, skinny, and stands at 5'1". Although he is lean, he does have some muscle at his biceps and legs, though this is more noticeable when he isn't wearing his huge jacket. Although he has pale skin, some people headcannon him with a more Asian appearance because the fandom originated from Japan. But he is usually portrayed as Caucasian because the majority of the series is set in Europe.   

Hetalia wears a brown bomber jacket over a black/white t-shirt with the series' logo print on it. He also has a pair of jeans and brown boots. His pants are either tucked into his boots or worn over his boots the way America wears them.[1] Sometimes Hetalia is seen wearing a tan/green belted uniform with a shirt and tie, as Hetalia characters are often seen wearing military uniforms.

As quoted by the creator of this character: "I have realized that I made my rp character a fucking twink."

As for his other "forms"

2P!Hetalia has dark brown hair, his hair curl usally looks in a more angry mood and has red eyes. He is missing a tooth in the middle of his teeth and wears shades on the top of his head. As for his clothing He wear's the same jacket as 2P!America's and wears a black shirt with the 2P!Hetalia logo on it, for his jeans he wears dark blue ripped jeans, and he wears red converse shoes.

His trickster mode is quite cheery as reflected on their appearance. His "candy" is gelato and his hair seems to look like gelato in the way that it's more goopy-looking. His skin is peachy in color and his eyes switch from his usual dark brownish-green to bright minty green, he also sports the iconic swirls on the cheeks trickster look, his swirls are actually a bit dark in color, being a brown that almost seems to match his shirt. His bomber jacket matches his eyes and his shirt is a brightish brown with a drawing of the earth on it in white. His pants are a pale orangey-yellow with his shoes matching his shirt.

Personality and Interests

Hetalia is a cheerful, energetic, fairly good-hearted person that tries to see the best in people, like Italy. However, unlike Italy, he will protect his friends if someone poses a threat against them. He has a short temper, and can form small grudges, though they aren't very noticeable and don't last for long. The Hetalia Fandom knows how to be serious like Italy should be, such as reading the atmosphere of a situation, but he doesn't always know how to use objects properly (Ex. Throwing a grenade pin instead of the grenade itself and keeping the grenade in his mouth).

He likes to run around and explore, and enjoys reading about history, different cultures, and learning new languages. Cooking is something he likes to do as well, especially when pasta is involved. He also has a slight drinking problem. Dancing (and in other cases, choreography) is one of Hetalia's famous talents besides cooking, drawing, and singing, since the series has its own live musical stage performances. He would be overjoyed if anyone asked him to show them some dances the director had come up with for musicals or possibly fan-made cosplay dances if they're good enough.

Hetalia has a full collection of maps of every country with designs, models, and positions of the continents depending on what they looked like every century. He sometimes likes to bring a globe with him when he goes out but doesn't let anyone touch it, especially not letting anyone use it "brutally" such as playing soccer with it or using it as a throwing rock.

He likes to play video games, especially ones from Japan. He also enjoys horror movies and takes interest in movies of this genre from all over the world.

As an anime fandom, he speaks Japanese fluently, as well as Italian due to his main character being North Italy. It is sometimes suggested that he is a polyglot and speaks 8 languages: both American and British English dialects, Italian, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, and Russian, all from the main characters of the Hetalia series. But he usually sticks to English. He will sometimes use random foreign words and slang at certain moments (Ex. "Ciao! I'm Hetalia!" "Blimey!" "What is that scheisse?"). Other fandoms don't usually understand these languages unless they also come from the place the language originated. For example, the Sherlock Fandom understands his British slang.

2P Personality

Hetalia's 2P personality is similar to the concept of Homestuck's Trickster Mode. It is considered an AU and corresponds with the fan-made 2P personalities of Hetalia characters, which are "evil and darker versions" of themselves.[2] 2P!Hetalia is usually more prone to violence.




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Supernatural Fandom - Flushed Crush

Homestuck Fandom - Moirail

Hetalia originally despised Homestuck, but when he saw how much of a struggle it was for Homestuck during his frequent hiatuses, his perception of the fandom changed. He would often show sympathy and compassion towards Homestuck. He became a provider of consolation and refuge, causing Homestuck to quickly latch onto this display of kindness and realized their relationship was that of a moirallegiance.

Although Hetalia and Homestuck are no longer getting updates in their respective fandoms like they used to, Hetalia is still happy to be his moirail and enjoys Homestuck's bizarre ways of showing his appreciation.

Vocaloid Fandom - Ex Matesprit

Hetaila and Vocaloid were dating at one point in time until Hetalia found out he was gay and broke up with her, but he still thinks he is lucky to have her as a friend.


In the beginning of the roleplay's story, he was a slightly naive, very happy person that liked to interact with his friends, who had entered one of Homestuck's video games.

During the game, he died multiple times (As of 7/28/13, 28 times), and became somewhat depressed. When they finished the game, he continued to feel stressful and depressed, and withdrew himself from the group somewhat. He was still a fairly happy person though, talking to everyone, interacting with his quadrants, and trying to stay social. This personality became more prominent during the second SBURB session, after he started and ended a blackrom relationship, was killed by many of his friends, realized flushed feelings for his pale quadrant, and broke up with his long term red quadrant.

After leaving SBURB, he was still a bit withdrawn, even more so when both of his exes attempted to murder/eat him. However, as Creepypasta was finally finished getting revenge, his relationship with Homestuck became more flushed, he and Vocaloid became friends, he was able to return to his current, usually cheerful self.

At the beginning of the second roleplay, Homestuck and the Hetalia Fandom were moirails, but this soon changed after a small incident involving the Pocky game. The two are currently in a pale relationship, though it has been hinted at that Hetalia has had some red feelings toward Homestuck, in accordance with the fact that the Homestuck and Hetalia fandoms get along well. Though there are signs that Supernatural might have relationship with Hetaila, but every time Supernatural tries to ask him out, it fails miserably.