Basic Information

Hellsing is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. It chronicles the efforts of the mysterious and secret Hellsing Organization, as it combats vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural foes who threaten England.[1] 


He has short black hair, red eyes, very pale skin, and fangs due to being a vampire. 

He wears a pair of circular, heavily tinted, wire-framed orange sunglasses, a dark red short sleeved shirt with the hellsing logo on the front and the coat of arms on his sleeves, grey pants, black boots, and a pair of white gloves which each have a five-pointed seal adorning their backs 


Due to being a rather powerful vampire who has a similar appearance to Alucard, the protagonist of his series, Hellsing is a rather proud and arrogant individual who can be rather sarcastic at times

Vampiric Abilities and Weaknesses


Regeneration- Hellsing's regenerative abilities are a lot like Alucard's as he can heal very quickly from any injury including decapitation. The regeneration is a bit slower if he is very hungry and has been weakened though

Vampiric speed- Hellsing's supernatural speed allows him to easily dodge automatic gunfire.

Enhanced strength- His strength allows him to use and lift weapons too heavy for a normal human. Hellsing's monstrous strength also makes it easy for him to rip a human body to shreds if he desires to do so. 

Enhanced endurance- ​He is extremely resistant to conventional injuries

Enhanced  reflexes- His reaction speed is much faster than a regular human. You can catch him off guard by distracting him with something though. 

Darkvision- Hellsing has excellent night vision due to being nocturnal

Shapeshifting - His shapeshifting allows him to turn into a bat, a black wolf, dark reddish mist, some kind of eldritch horror, and even the opposite sex.

Immortality- Hellsing can not die unless someone actively tries to kill him which is very difficult due to his regenerative ability.

Daywalking- He is able to be out in the sun without harm. However he will need to wear his sunglasses to be able to see due to how bright the day is compared to the night for him.


Silver and blessed weapons- These types of weapons are very harmful to Hellsing and do more damage than a regular weapon would.

Impalment- Hellsing's regenerative ability prevents the stake or other object penetrating his heart from killing him but it does immobilize him for a few moments or longer depending on what he was impaled with.

Decapitation- While this won't really kill Hellsing he will be out of commission for a couple of minutes. The time it takes for him to regenerate from this mostly depends on what was used to cut his head off.

Water- Hellsing is unable to cross open bodies of water without some sort of transportation. Rain makes him move slower than normal.


Hellsing most likely doesn't have the best relationships with the other vampire and monster like fandoms as he is very willing to and probably has tried to kill them if they cause any problems


True Blood Fandom

Vampire Diaries Fandom

Vampire Knight Fandom


Tokyo Ghoul Fandom

When Hellsing heard about this fandom he immediately went after her and has attempted to kill her at least once or twice. It was mostly a misunderstanding on his part as he thought she was like the ghouls from his series.  He did stop his pursuit of her when he learned more about her and right now they stay out of each others way when they are hunting.

 Homestuck Fandom

These fandoms haven't really interacted with each other much but Hellsing is rather interested in the other. He is mostly just curious about Homestuck's version of vampires, what the troll's lime colored blood would taste like, and what would happen to the other if Hellsing feed on him. 

Creepypasta Fandom

Due to Hellsing technically being a monster hunter he has tried to kill Creepypasta multiple times whenever he hears that the other is causing trouble.  Hellsing has yet to succeed in killing the other and is not sure if Creepypasta is unable to be killed or if his guns just aren't the right tools for the job.

Supernatural Fandom

Hellsing views Supernatural as his own version of Alexander Anderson as the other has tried to kill him a few times due to being a vampire. He does enjoy fighting the other monster hunter though. 

Twilight Fandom

He mostly ignores this fandom as he doesn't really view her as much of a threat but will attempt to kill her if she causes any problems.  He is annoyed by the fact that she sparkles as it makes the daytime brighter than usual.



  • Hellsing talks with a British accent due to his series mainly taking place in England.
  • When he can't get blood straight from the veins he drinks blood packs 
  • Hellsing follows the vampire rules set by his show so he normally makes a small cut on his victim for him to be able to taste their blood to know if they are a virgin or not. Even though he greatly enjoys how sweet a virgins blood tastes he will not feed off of them as he is not interested in siring any vampires. He will feed off of a non virgin though but will kill the ghoul they become due to him not wanting any ghouls running around even if they are his own.
  • While he is able to be out in the sun he doesn't do it much as it is exhausting for him to be awake during the day.
  • Hellsing does the same kind of work that Alucard does which means he eliminates any problem causing vampires. He will get rid of other supernatural entities causing trouble if he is able to do so. 
  • Hellsing still views himself as a male and uses the he/him pronouns while using his female form. He doesn't mind the she/her pronouns being used though.