Basic Information

Hello Charlotte is a rpg maker game by etherane. The story follows a girl named Charlotte Whiltshire and her adventures through strange areas all apart of "The House". The game is strangely dark even though it has cute art. There is a lot of strange things that Charlotte deals with that are not for the faint of heart.


Hello Charlotte Fandom is a tall girl who has almost no color to her. Her eyes are pure white along with her hair. The Fandoms hair is very long and can either have no color or is stained pink from something that is not hair dye. She usually only wears clothes that are white or shades of black and always wears a ribbon that is yellow just like the main character.


Hello Charlotte Fandom tends to be a shy girl who has a hard time talking to others unless under the influence of soap.

When under the influence of soap she is very bubbly and cryptic. People tend to find her very strange when like this. She tends to talk a lot and tries to make friends with anyone who shows her any attention when in this state







none at the moment


  • Hello Charlotte fandom is purely omnivorous and can eat pretty much anything.
    • One version of her is known to consume soap.
  • All versions of the Fandom know that the other versions exist.
  • Hello Charlotte Fandom somehow gets along with almost every horror fandom she meets.
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