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Basic Information

Harry Potter is a popular fantasy book series by J.K. Rowling that was adapted into a successful series of movies as well.[1]


The fandom takes on the appearance of Harry Potter himself: a young boy with messy black hair, a pair of glasses, and a lightning scar on their forehead.

They often wear a colorful scarf along with their Hogwarts uniform, but occasionally prefer to be seen in more casual clothing, such as a Deathly Hallows t-shirt and jeans.


The Harry Potter Fandom in Fandomstuck version is a little bit underrated even though the original fandom is incredibly famous.

The Harry Potter Fandom is often seen reading books, searching for knowledge, playing quidditch, casting spells, and drinking butterbeer. They take interest in magical beasts and other mysterious creatures.[2]

They are easily one of the most quiet fandoms, and surprisingly, can always find a way to survive.



Percy Jackson Fandom

Harry Potter is oblivious to Percy Jackson's jealousy towards him for having good movies based off of his books. He often tries to make friends, but is confused when his efforts are not well received by PJ.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom

Stranger Things Fandom

They talk about their characters with magic abilities, although Harry Potter is a bit freaked out by how Stranger Things' characters got their powers.

The Lord of the Rings Fandom

Hetalia Fandom

Hobbit Fandom

Universal Fandom


Sherlock Fandom

Harry Potter used to talk with Sherlock about British things, but their friendship was short lived when he found out Sherlock didn't believe in magic.[2]



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