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Basic Information

Fire Emblem is a tactical role-playing game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and first published by Nintendo in 1990. There are currently 16 main series games with 4 spinoffs.


Although there is no "canon" appearance, Fire Emblem is generally depicted with blue hair and armor of some sort. 


Fire Emblem is helpful to a fault, always wanting to do the best for their friends. They are determined and once they have their mind set on helping someone, you cannot change their mind. They are, however, quite skilled in coming up with plans and strategy, so even though they may be difficult to convince, they are a valuable ally with their quick wit and logical way of looking at things.



Nintendo Fandom - Mother

Mario Fandom - Sister

Legend of Zelda Fandom - Brother

Pokemon Fandom - Brother

Animal Crossing Fandom - Brother

Splatoon Fandom - Sister

Golden Sun Fandom - Brother

Dragalia Lost Fandom - Sister

Super Smash Bros Fandom - Brother

Kirby Fandom - Sibling


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