Fandomsarchive is a Tumblr blog that is no longer active.[1] It was made for a popular Fandomstuck roleplay on MSPARP, and several other roleplay sites such as CharatRP (this site has been pulled offline as of March 2016). Some of the RPers were long time users who created a blog for newcomers so they could understand the RP, or more specifically, the blog served to inform people if the RP changed sites[2][3] or if some issues among RPers needed to be discussed.[3] This blog doesn't really matter anymore since the roleplay has dispersed.

A link to the blog can be found here.

The Roleplay

The roleplay, which started out simply as a "Do what you please, don't troll/spam/harass others, etc."[4] has since changed. The Fandomstuck characters decided to play SBURB. During the game, everyone was very interested in interacting with each other and discussing what their god tiers would be like. Characters created friendships and feuds with each other, which sometimes resulted in relationships and death, respectively. This SBURB session lasted a couple of months, until they finished and won the game. After that, it was back to the original plot.

However, this got boring after a while, and the characters played SBURB again. More violence and death occurred, but they eventually won the game and entered the new universe they created. The players became the gods of that universe (Hence why when you entered you would see a character with the title "[Whatever fandom] Fandom (God/Goddess of [insert thing here])" in the user bar).

After a while, when things got calm and too boring, the users decided to start a fandom war! As in, a literal war, fighting and all. There was a good, evil, and neutral side, and the RPers were allowed to choose which side they would be on.[5]

Due to issues and people being bored, the roleplay restarted. The characters hung out at the Tipton hotel, just chilling and doing their thing. They did not advance much from this point.

Overall, this roleplay has lost popularity over the years and is now at an end, but still contains much of the Fandomsarchive history and has influenced many Fandomstuck characters to this day.

Basic Rules of the Chat

•Actions may only affect a character or the environment. If you really must tap the fourth wall, choose a single way your character interacts with it and give it a body. If it gets out of hand, we can deal with it without having to deal with you.

•Be careful of unnecessary triggering! [If an action is not directly performed by a character and is triggering, it doesn't fly. If it can't easily and convincingly be explained as something your character would do, it doesn't fly.]

•No bullying/harassment/intentionally triggering a mun through you or your character!

•Do not be rude to the roleplayers. We don't tolerate bullying.

•Please don't throw the link to the RP at every person you meet.

•Doubles are okay, just check with the original roleplayer first.

•Don't force anyone to do anything.

•No spamming.
Fandomstuck shipping wall

A shipping wall from 2013, by


Many ships developed from the chats they created. So many, in fact, that it's difficult to keep track of them! A shipping chart surfaced on this page in 2013 that was regularly updated, but was eventually deleted due to controversy surrounding certain characters' quadrants and users having difficulties properly editing the chart.

Some images displaying ships in the roleplay have survived the deletions of Tumblr accounts, however, such as this one -->

In addition to the ships in the regular chats, another chat was created specifically for NSFW content.[6] This separate chat was made so if your parents and/or friends looks over at the RPer's computer screen, they won't see porn or gore (but could still look through your history and tabs!), and some roleplayers are just uncomfortable with people watching them roleplay smut. Also, it allows people who dislike pornography and extreme violence to not have to see it.

List of all Fandom characters

Dragon Ball Fandom

Harry Potter Fandom

Steven Universe Fandom

Doctor Who Fandom

Warriors Fandom

Alice in Wonderland Fandom 

Gravity Falls Fandom

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Andrew Hussie

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Touhou Project Fandom


Rebecca Sugar


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Ava's Demon Fandom


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