Basic Information

The EverymanHYBRID Fandom is also known as the EMH Fandom and is another popular slenderverse series behind Marble Hornets and TribeTwelve.[1]


EMH looks 5'7 but is really 5'4 due to him wearing platfomers hidden in his shoes, he has brown hair and purple eyes. He wears a purple jacket and a black t-shirt with green and yellow arrows pointing to the center. He also wears ripped jeans. (sometimes he wears hats) 


EverymanHYBRID has many hobbies such as exercising and killing people. However, he doesn't kill very often, as this would clutter his "busy schedule." He has a bad habit of scaring other fandoms for fun.

He loves rabbits and sometimes calls other fandoms "rabbits." Sometimes they take offense to this, but EverymanHYBRID considers it a compliment.



Marble Hornets Fandom

He loves being with Marble Hornets and knows he has his back in times of need.

TribeTwelve Fandom

Despite being enemies with TribeTwelve, he likes hanging out with him like they're buddies.

DarkHarvest00 Fandom

EMH and DH00 like to get together to bother Tribe, they both have fun and think it's really hilarious. 

MLAnderson0 Fandom

ML likes to mess around with him due to him being short he would call him things like shortie he hates this.

WhisperedFaith Fandom