The Dreaming Mary Fandom is a personification from Accha's game fandom. She's a young girl from 10-14 years old who wears a lot of pink in her clothes. There's an askblog.


Fandomstuck Dreaming Mary is pale-skinned and has pink hair. She has pink rabbit ears and a brown fox tail, meaning that she's kind of a hybrid..

She wears a pink short-sleeved shirt with a light pink long-sleeved shirt underneath, a purple bow tie, a purple skirt with pink polka dots, and pink pastel shoes.


She's a very calm and cheerful kid that likes to scare the others. She is a part of the horror RPG fandoms, and as such, she likes go with them on Halloween so they can scare other fandoms. She's sweet and innocent, but deep inside she is a rascal. She likes to tease the others and make fun of them, though this part of her is never shown as she's too good hiding it, this is mostly because of two characters of the game: Foxanne and Boaris.


  • There's always a radio in her bedroom, and she listens to different types of music on it.



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