The Dragon Ball Fandom is a character in the Fandomstuck roleplay community on Tumblr. The ask blog link can be found here.

Basic Information

The Dragon Ball Fandom, DB for short, loves to spar. They closely follow after Goku in appearance and personality, but have certain traits from others in the mix. 

They aren't all that new of a fandom (they first came to be in the 1980s), but they haven't had much interaction with the rest of the fandoms.


Dragon Ball has the same gi from master Roshi's Turtle School, complete with boots, the Turtle School symbol, and sweat bands.

They have fluffy dark brown saiyan hair, like Goku's, as well as Piccolo's pointy ears and Krillin's 6 moxibustion burns.


DB is quick to trust others, extremely naive, and very blunt; they don’t understand manners very well. DB is quite optimistic, but they will be serious if the occasion calls for it.

DB is all about fighting, but for this fandom, it’s all in good fun. "Who doesn’t love a good spar?"


  • Flight - using ki energy to propel upwards and steer
  • Ki attacks - uses energy to create small blasts
  • Engineering - created the dragon ball tracker and other gadgets



Naruto Fandom


  • They have the same disorder Launch has, where they turn violent when they sneeze and then back to normal when they sneeze a second time (however, this only has about a 7% chance of happening)