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Basic Information

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel developed by Team Salvato and unfortunately had taken the world by storm because of all the various stereotypes people have conjured up about all the visual novels.[1]


DD is 5'10. A bit chubby, she is usually seen wearing the DDLC school uniform. She has long hair that reaches below her hips. Her hair color is pink, purple, brown and a bit of a reddish orange. A red ribbon holds up her hair and with purple hair clips. Her left eye color is blue and green, right is purple and pink. (One color takes over depending on her strongest emotion.) She has scars all over her arms and a bit on her thighs but are well hidden in her uniform.


Doki Doki is very bubbly and full of life. However, she seems shy at first glance but is actually holding lots of secrets. She never talks about herself and seems to be only interested in the person she's speaking with. Her lively personality is just an act...? Nobody, including herself knows anything other than the dark jokes she makes.



The Front Bottoms Fandom

TribeTwelve Fandom


Yandere Simulator Fandom

Since the two are alike, the two have a close relationship, but Yandere Simulator is more distant than friendly.



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