Basic Information

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963.[1] The series is about a mysterious extraterrestrial traveler who can visit any point in space and time.[2]

Not much is known about this fandom, except that he calls himself "The Doctor" and that he flies through space in a time-travelling Tardis, so he says. He's friends with a lot of people on Chatroulette, so when he comes up to some people talking about playing the game, he joins the new adventure.


The fandom has scruffy, reddish-brown hair and dark bushy eyebrows.

He wears a red fez, 3D glasses that don't actually work, a long multi-colored striped scarf, a light brown striped shirt with a red bow tie, a long dark brown coat, black dress pants, and red converse.


The Doctor Who Fandom is a huge sweetheart and a giant nerd. Despite his loneliness, he's almost always in a good mood and laid back.

If he is suspicious about something, he will analyze the sh*t out of it and somehow, he finds explanations for almost everything. He acts silly and does stupid things in serious situations, but surprisingly, his strange ideas tend to work. He loves to travel and impress people with his stories, especially ones that involve historical events. He also tends to ramble a lot when talking.

As one of the older fandoms, he feels the need to protect the younger ones.



Supernatural Fandom

Hannibal Fandom

Hetalia Fandom

Star Trek Fandom

Homestuck Fandom

Rick and Morty Fandom


Sherlock Fandom - Matesprit

The Twilight Zone Fandom - Moirail

Homestuck Fandom/Supernatural Fandom - Auspistice

Doctor Who really tries to make sure no fandoms kill each other. In Homestuck and Supernatural's case this is especially important, since both fandoms are capable of dying multiple times, and neither of them are very good at knowing when to stop. Their fights tend to get out of control, so Doctor Who does his best to keep them from being fatal.


Alice in Wonderland Fandom