Basic Information

As one of the oldest fandoms started since the 1920s,[1] Disney has been around longer than any fandom can remember. She is widely known amongst anyone who had a childhood, and is on good terms with most of the fandoms.


Disney wears a Mickey Mouse hat with the Disney "D" design on the front. She wears a ballgown with a dark blue top and many different rainbow colors at the bottom. She has glowing Tinkerbell fairy wings.

Her citizens have Mickey and Minnie Mouse hats, with the females wearing colorful dresses and the males wearing dress shirts and red pants with buttons. They all work vigorously to pump out high quality Disney movies.


The Disney Fandom is quiet and usually very polite. She doesn't show often in public, probably because of her being busy ruling her kingdom.

Despite her quiet nature, Disney is very ambitious and will always follow her dreams. She was insulted when she was not invited to play SBURB with the other fandoms, and therefore pursued them into the game, determined to win.[2]

Magic, fairy tales, innocence and romance are all important parts of her personality, which have drawn most people to join her fandom in the first place. However, Disney is also an intimidating business, and although she does not view herself as evil, she has been known to be very persuasive or forceful, if only to bring her family closer together...[2]

Disney enjoys her hobbies of singing, dancing, and making art. Also creating wonderful things with magic.


  • She can shrink small as a fairy and grow to the size of a tall building; her size changes to fit her needs in various situations.



Natural Born Children

She is very motherly to Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Wander Over Yonder, and all her other cartoons and sitcom fandoms.

Adopted Children

The Star Wars, Tim Burton, and Marvel fandoms are all examples of Disney's forcefulness as they were brought into her family. Luckily, they seem to enjoy the extra attention this has provided them.

Pixar Fandom - Younger Brother


Ghibli Fandom

One would think that these two would be enemies, but in actuality, they are more like friends. Disney recognizes the Ghibli Fandom's power, and therefore does not wish to break ties with them. She is planning on getting them to join her in the future...


Dreamworks Fandom - Kismesis


The Twilight Zone Fandom

TZ and Disney have crossed paths before they even worked together for a little bit, but Disney needed him for something and God knows what it was.

Universal Fandom - Enemy

Sadly, she doesn't socialize with the main 5 or other fandoms often. 


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