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Dexter is a show about Dexter Morgan is a Miami-based blood splatter expert who doesn't just solve murders; he commits them too. In fact, he's a serial killer - but he only murders the guilty, so he feels justified with his lifestyle choices. His policewoman sister and his cop co-workers have no idea Dexter lives a double life; however, adoptive father Harry knows his secret, and does, in fact, help Dexter hone his "skills." It's a unique brand of justice for which charming Dexter feels a psychological hunger.


Fandomstuck Dexter has pale skin, somewhat messy light brown hair, red eyes, and a scar that runs sideways along his right cheek.

He wears a L.A.P.D. uniform: a long sleeve blue shirt with a black tie, black pants, and dark shoes. The gold badge on the left side of his shirt reads "Police Officer L.A.P.D."

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Dexter is emotionless but pretends to feel emotions around people he is unfamiliar with.[1] He generally tries to act like a cool guy, doing things like bringing donuts to gatherings.[1] He is not afraid to get his hands bloody and dislikes other killers.


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