Basic Information

Blizzard Fandom was named Chaos Studios (1993) at first and changed his name one year later to Blizzard Fandom. Blizzard's first game was from 1991. So he is not really young, but also not old like Doctor Who. (1963)


He is really closed-up fandom and you can rarely see him not in front of his PC. He often refuses to hang out offline. His favorite hobby is, of course, playing video games and coding weird shit together.



Blizzard was the beginning from World of Warcraft, Diablo, Star Craft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. This makes him kind of like a father figure, even if he doesn't act like it. 

World of Warcraft Fandom

Diablo Fandom

Blizzard's #1 selling PC title. Launched together with They almost act like brothers around each other.

Star Craft Fandom

Hearthstone Fandom

Heroes of the Storm Fandom

Overwatch Fandom

Since Overwatch is the most popular fandom from Blizzard at the moment, so they have a closer relationship than the other fandoms. This makes the others jealous sometimes.


Valve Fandom - Kismesis

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