Basic Information

The Achievement Hunter Fandom (or AH ) is a 25 year old guy who is in love with video games. His name is Micheal Jones. He's obsessed with the Halo Fandom. He's very flirtatious. He's also obsessed with his Tower of Pimps, it is his life line, if destroyed he is also destroyed, mentally, physically and emotionally. Anything done to that tower happens to him, please refrain from stabbing it. His sexuality: Bisexual


AH has brown hair with a rose in it and also wears a black beanie, they have pale baby blue eyes and glasses as well as they wear a creeper scarf. they wear a black shirt with their logo and a black and gold belt with grey pants and black and white rubber shoes




Roaster Teeth Fandom

Red vs Blue Fandom

RWBY Fandom

Camp Camp Fandom


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