Born from the small manga series created by Natsumi Mukai +Anima, The Plus Anima Fandom, or Ani for short, is a lesser known good natured fandom.

Basic Information

The +Anima series is a 10 book story about the travels of four kids, Cooro, Husky, Senri, and Nana who recived the spirit and powers of an animal that helped them survive when a they eached faced a near death experience. These's spirits and powers are known as Animas, and when a person, most comonly a child, is grace with one, it appears as a tattoo like mark upon their skin where the spirit lies. It grants them

abilities such as wings for flight, speed, strength, claws, gills, and or many more based on the animal of the anima


Ani stands at 5’5", 131 lbs and a physical age of 18, her birthday is the 16th of December. She has a slim, but well built figure from daily exercises that keep her in shape and add to her already monsterous, bear like strenght. She has lush, unrully darkish brown hair that's often kept back in a pony tail, braids, pigtails or otherwise. And though they are rarely seen under her wild locks, she wears a pair of saphire stud earrings that match her soft, vivid sky blue eyes. The tattoo marks or her hosted anima decorate her arms neck and back; A black, bear patten anima marking on forearms and up, an rustic crow wings on shoulders, light blue fish anima gill marks on either side of the neck, and a dark grey bat wings design on upper back-shoulderblades. She can activate theses marks at will, with control loss at over two at a time, though two is physically strenuous. As fur as natural scaring goes, Ani has many faint lines of past scars, but the most notable are three massive claw scars that rake over her left ribs. Her hand made, toughand flexible clothing usually covers it. 


Of a kind demener, strong moral compass, and usually moderate temperment, Ani is much like an older sister to others. She is a neutral good. She favors the old fashioned and prefers to do most of her work by hand. From sewing to cookiing, hunting and crafting, she is pretty well rounded.  Ani is likely to judge fairly, but her temper and rational can be easily infulenced by her strong emotions into rash or often flusted decisions like a child. She can be concidered kind of a push over, but when face with something she cares deeply for, the girl can be as stubborn as a mule. This fandom also favors many foods similar to the main characters of her story; Apples, fish, honey, and freshly baked goods. As long as you're not verbaly or physically malicious towards Ani, it's easy to stay on her good side.